So you have decided the outlook of your website, its theme, its color and the deals to attract your customers, and now facing difficulty in placing your products in your online store? Don’t worry, now you can manage your products all by yourself with our advanced product management features!

GetMeAShop offers you amazing features that allow you to manage your products easily anytime from anywhere. Scroll down to learn more!


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The details as per the figure above are as follows:

  1. The Title of the product.

  2. Discounted price of the product.

  3. Original price of the product.

  4. Availability of the product such as Cash on delivery, bank transfer etc

  5. Short description of the product

  6. Pin code of the customer’s location.

  7. Product images (up to 10 allowed)

  8. Product description (detailed description of the product and its features).

Other options: 

  • Stock keeping Unit: It is the unique identification code of the products.

  • Minimum order quantity: it refers to the minimum quantity of product that a customer can buy at a time.

  • Category of the product: The category in which the product falls.

  • Active/Inactive status options: It is the status of the product whether it is active or inactive on the website.

  • Shipping: Length, breadth, height, and weight of the product while shipp

  •  weight of the product while shipping.