Managing reviews of your online business are very important these days as they provide us with one of the most essential thing i.e Customer Feedback. In order to maintain the reputation of your business in the online market, you must manage your reviews wisely and you can do that with us very conveniently.

Here is how you can manage your reviews. 

1. Login Dashboard - Open Inventory - Product Review

The list of reviews will appear as mentioned above under the following columns:

  • Name: It will have the name of the customer who has reviewed the product.

  • Product: It will have the details of the Product reviewed.

  • Review message: This will have the Text body of the reviews 

  • Created date: This is the Date of review created

  • Status: This is the Status of the review

  • Action: Edit or delete the review

Notes :

  • You can easily manage your reviews on the Manage review page that will have all the reviews of the customers about various products. 
  • You can delete the reviews that you don’t want to display with your product by using the Delete review button and can keep the reviews that you like by approving them using the Approve review button. 
  • You can also reject the reviews that you don’t like by using the Reject review button. With the help of these, you can easily make sure that only worthy and informational reviews go live on your website.

In case of any query further, you can reach out to our support on