Business information is the most important detail that every business must add on their website as it allows the customers to locate your store easily, without any confusions and also help them in reaching you in times of queries.

Here is how you can set up business information:

  1. Login to your Get me a shop Dashboard

  2. From the left side of the menu, Go to Settings → Business information.

  3. The business information page will open with the following fields to be filled:

Shop title: Add the name of your shop here.

Business name: Add the business name of your shop here.

Shop address: Add the address of your physical store here (Optional; if you have one)

Show Google map: Tick this checkbox to enable the google map to show your store’s location. 

Shop contact info: Add your store’s contact information here.

Shop communication email: Add your store’s professional business email id here.

Shop order email: Add your shop order email id here for the customer’s queries regarding their orders and delivery.

Shop customer care email: Add your customer care email id here.

Shop PAN: Add your physical store’s PAN number here (Optional)

Shop TIN: Add your store’s Tax Id number here.

Shop CST: Add your store’s Central sales tax details here.

Shop VAT: Add your store’s Value-added tax details here.

Custom domain: Add your store’s custom domain name here

SSL enabled: Tick this checkbox to enable Secure Socket Layer on your website.

Your promo code: Add your promo code here (if any)


      4. Once you have added the above details, click on the Update button at the bottom of the screen.