Shipping rules need planning and strategy when it comes to running an online store. There is a lot to consider when shipping your products in terms of packaging, product weight, service types, charging rate etc. Well-thought steps can make shipping experience more effective and authentic. Your customers do care about shipping rules and cost of shipping set by you. After all, online buyers thoughtfully consider delivery options and shipping costs. As a matter of fact, 52 percent online buyers add more items to their cart with an intent to qualify the cart for free shipping.

Offering free shipping rules always work even if you have just started your business online. It could be price or weight based free shipping rules/rates. Also, you could offer free shipping rates on all orders over a particular amount.

Steps to be followed:

  • Once you are on the dashboard,

  • Move the cursor to the Menu on the extreme left.

  • Click on "Shipping", the 5th icon in the Menu list.

  • Click on "Shipping Rule", the 2nd option in the drop-down menu.

Minimum Order- Decide and specify on what minimum price order you want shipping to be enabled.

Shipping Charge- Decide and set how much you want to charge for shipping.

Maximum COD Order Items- Set a maximum number of items or products applicable for Cash on the delivery order.

Maximum COD Order Value- Set a maximum range of order value that will enable COD (cash on delivery) payments. For an instance, you can set a maximum price of 15,000 for cash on delivery orders. 

Note- If your customer’s order exceeds the specified price range, he will not be able to process the cash on delivery payment method any further.

Is active- Tick mark “is active” option if you want the mentioned shipping rules to be applicable and displayed on your online store every time a customer buys. Whereas, you can simply leave it unmarked if you do not wish these rules to be applicable.

Important: Click on “Save” to make the changes.