You can manage your store’s operations in various geographical areas using getmeashop’s store region feature. You can make your products and services globally available or you can restrict them to certain regions. You define your store’s home country and also the currency in which payments are accepted.

After you have logged in to your GMAS account, follow the below mentioned steps to change the  “store region” settings.

  • Move your cursor to the left side of the window and select the option of “Store Settings”.

  • Select the option of “Store Region” from the given list of settings.

Store settings→Store Region.

  • You will land on the Store Regions window where you can add information regarding the region and currency exchange.

  • Home Country - Enter the country where your store is registered.

  • International Store - Select this box if you want to receive global orders.

  • Default Currency - This is the currency in which prices will be displayed to your customers.

  • Default Currency Exchange Rate - Enter the currency exchange rate of your default currency to your home country’s currency. In case your default and home country’s currency are same then the exchange rate will be 1.

  • Click on the “Save” button.

  • In case you want to define some countries where the prices will be displayed in their own currency then

  • Select the “Click here” option present after the statement ,’You have not defined any regions’.

    • A pop up box will appear on the screens. Fill in the relevant details of the region you want to define.

    • Country - Select the country you want to add from the drop down menu.

    • Exchange rate - Enter the currency exchange rate of the selected country with respect to your home country’s currency.

    • Click on “Save changes” .

To define another country just click on the “plus icon” on the bottom right side of the window.

In case you don't have this feature already, click here