Customers are the most important people when it comes to online store creation, Hence managing them well is the ultimate key for any online business. GetMeAShop offers you amazing features that allow you to manage your customers easily anytime from anywhere. Scroll down to learn more!


Have a look at the following picture to know more about your customers :

The details as per the figure above are as follows: 

  1. Name: Customer name

  2. Contact: Contact details of the customer

  3. City: Location of the customer

  4. Info: Information related to the date of registration and active status of the customer.

  5. Tags: Add Tags for your customers.

  6. Action: Edit or delete the customer

  7. Filter by: Use filters to get the list of specific customers.

  8. Delete: Delete the customers you don’t want on your list.

  9. Search Customer: search for a specific customer by adding customer details in the search bar.

  10. Add New customer: Add new customers to the list of existing customers.

Other options:

  • Bulk Tag: Create tags for your customers in bulk.

  • Export button: Export the selected products.