Once you have started marketing your online store, it is very important to study the analytics of your store. This is to garner insights on customer behaviour, conversion rate and to build better marketing and promotional strategies in the future. With Getmeashop you can analyse your business data effectively.

Once you have logged into your Getmeashop account, follow the steps given below to study analytics of your business.

  • Move the cursor to the left side of the window and click on “Analytics” option.
  • Select “visitors analytics”.  Analytics → Visitors analytics.
  • You will land on the analytics page.
  • You can see the analytics information based on different facets in the form of pie charts.
  • On the top right corner you will “Type” drop down menu. You can select any aspect and analyse the data accordingly. These aspects are explained below
    • Referrer -  The pages guiding to your website.
    • Device - The devices being used to open your website.

    • Browser - The different browsers being used to open your website. 

    • Country - The different countries where your website is being visited. 

    • Search Engine - The different search engines being used to visit your website.

    • City - The cities where your website is being visited

    • OS - The operating systems being used to open your website.

    • Top URLs - The most visited URLs of your store.

You are good to go. Analyse the data and build your business strategies accordingly.