Following are the information fields that need to be filled for creating a New Category:

Steps to be followed:

  • From the menu on the left hand side select "Inventory" -> "Categories"

  • You will be landed on the Category Manager Page.

Clicking on Add New Category will open the following form:

  1. Under ‘Name’ option, give a suitable name to the new category. Enter the name of the category that will appear in your store.

  2. Inside the ‘Description’ box, you can describe the category. Enter the description for the category created to let your customers know about the details of the particular category.

  3. Parent: You can select another category from the drop-down if you want your category to be placed under another category or be the child of another category.

  4. Is featured- you can list this category as ‘featured one’, the featured categories are shown below the "featured categories" section on the home page of the website. 

  5. Is active- Ticking the active option reflects that the mentioned category will be displayed on the website as active. Whereas, you can simply leave it un-ticked if you do not wish the category to be displayed on the website.
    Inactive categories will not be visible on the website but will be visible in the dashboard.

  6. Image: Upload an image for a particular category by following steps given below:

  7. Click on Add Image button.

  8. Click on Choose a File button and select the image.

  9. Click on Insert Image to upload the image.

  10. Additional Image: You can upload an additional image for the product in accordance with the label.

  11. Label: You can display the different sizes in the mode of Size Chart or Size Guide.

  12. Page Title: You can give a Meta Title to the page as per the category. This title will be visible on the main link of the selected category page.

  13. Go through the information provided by you for once, and once confirmed and reviewed, click on the ‘Save’ button!

  14. Your category will be successfully created!

  15. You would be able to see the new category under the categories section.

Note: If you have marked the category as a featured one, you will have to upload the Image of it. You can upload an image of minimum size 400 x 400 px (width x height) for best fit.