Marketing through emails and SMS

Emails and SMS are more personal way of communicating. SMS and Email marketing is considered as one of the most personal and direct forms of communication, to reach out to the customers. 

The following steps will help you market your products and services to existing and prospective customers through emails and SMS.

  • Go to the “Menu” on the extreme left and select the ninth option of “Marketing”.

  • Select the “Emails and SMS” option.

  • You will land on the “Marketing page”.

  • Under “Send SMS/Email” you will find two options.

  • You can select any one option either of Email or SMS. 


  • SMS - Select this option to send SMS to the existing customers and potential customers.

  • Message- Enter the advertising message you wish your audience to read.

  • Phone numbers - Enter the phone numbers of all the existing and potential customers separated by a ‘comma (,)’.

  • Click on the ‘Send’ button.


  • Email - Select this option to send Emails to the existing and potential customers.

  • Send From - Enter your stores registered Email-ID over here.

  • Recipient emails - Enter the email Ids of  the customers separated by a ‘comma(,)’.

  • Subject - A brief description about the contents of the email.

  • Message - Enter the content you want your prospective customers to read. Make sure that it is visually appealing and give all the required details in the minimum possible words.

  • Click on the ‘Send’ button.