You can edit the categories as per your preferences! Read:

Edit Categories: You can easily edit categories by clicking on the 'pen' displayed under edit title.

- Select the category you want to edit by clicking on the box near to it.

- Then, click on the edit option in the same row.

- You will be directed to a new page.

- Under the name section, you can edit the name of the category in case you want to change it.

- In the description section, you can edit the description of the category as per your preference in the given box under description title.

- Parent category- You can select parent category as either - is Featured or is Active or both by clicking on the little box given before them. In case of both the options- click on both of them.

- Image- If you want to change the Image, choose the option "clear" and change the image by clicking on the "Choose File". You can browse the new image and it will be uploaded!

How to upload an Image:

  • Find the saved image on your computer, browse and select the image. The image will get uploaded under the Image heading (Currently).

  • In case, you want to upload an additional image based on the label, you can choose the file under the Additional Image heading and upload it the same way.

After making all the changes, do not forget to click on the "Save" button!!! That’s all and you are good to go!