What are coupons?

  1. Coupons are used as a mode of promotion.

  2. Promotional coupons are special offers and deals.

  3. Promotional coupons are used to send information about vouchers, limited sales, and discount codes.

  4. You can create your own personalized messages and emails to increase response rates.

  5. You can create a time-sensitive promotion or a flash sale. The customers only have a few hours to participate and get a good deal.

  6. You can create urgency or importance by sending promotional coupons in the mode of Mails and SMS text messages to your customers.

Create a New Coupon

Important Steps to be followed:

  • Log in to GetMeAShop, using your email id and password.

  • Click on the “Go to dashboard”, you will be directed to the dashboard in just one click.

  • Move the cursor to the Menu on the extreme left.

  • Click on the 8th icon in the Menu list “Promotions”.

  • Click on the 2nd option "Coupons".

  • You will be landed on the "List of Coupon Codes" page.

  • Click on "Create a coupon right now!"

  • You will be directed to "Create Promotions" page.

Note: you can add a promo code by clicking on the + Button on the extreme right bottom.Points to remember:

Name: Here, you can give a title to your deal based on the kind of promotion you want to run.

Tagline: You can give an appealing tagline to attract the customers. For an instance, Grab the Best Deal!

Valid from Date: You can decide upon which date you want the coupon to get activated. Also, you can adjust the timing.

Valid Until Date: This section allows you to decide upon till how long you want the coupon to run; along with the end time.

Minimum Eligible Order Amount: This lets you decide the total minimum order for the promotional discount to be applicable. In case you do not want to specify any particular order amount, you can leave this field empty.

Promo Code: Fill in the “Promo Code” to let the customers use it while buying. for an instance. WINTER510

Promo Type: You can choose and set amongst the two available options. You can either fix a "Flat Discount Price" or "Percentage off" if you want to fix a percentage based discount.

Order Payment Method: You can choose and set the order payment method for your customers from this field- Prepaid, Postpaid or Both.

Eligible Categories: You can select the product categories that you want to be eligible for this promotional coupon, be it a single or multiple categories. Also, you can individually choose what all products of the selected categories you want to be eligible for the coupon.

Count Allowed: You can choose and set how many numbers of times the promo code can be used by the customer while purchasing. In case, you do not want to restrict the promo code to just 1 or 2 times, you can leave this field empty.

Include Shipping charge?: Checkmark the shown "box" if you want to exclude the promo discount amount from calculating shipping charges. For further clarification, you can move the cursor to the "i" icon at the end of the sentence.

Applicable only on app?: This states on which platform you want to run the coupon. You can checkmark the "Box" if in case you have your store's app created by GetMeAShop, and would like to allow the promo code to only be applicable to the app.

Show on checkout? Checkmark this option if you want to show the promo on checkout.

Enabled: You can checkmark the box if you want the coupon to be displayed on the website; for the selected products. 

Very Important- Go through the information provided by you for once, and once confirmed and reviewed, click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page! Your Coupon will be successfully created!

After Saving it, You will be redirected to "List of Coupon Codes" page. You will be able to the information and status of all the created coupons.