Domain name defines the identity of your business. It is through a domain name that the people search for businesses over the internet to get their work done. If you have a domain name, You can set it as a custom domain or can buy one with us.

Here is how you can do that:

  1. Login to your Get me a shop Dashboard

  2. From the left side of the menu, Go to Settings → Custom domain.

  3. Custom domain page will open with the following options:

  • I already have a domain

  • I want to buy a domain (Don't own a domain yet? Register and Buy a domain name for your business. Pick this option)

I already have a domain:

  1.  If you already have a domain for your website, Choose this option.

  2. As you choose it, a Domain field will open asking you to enter your domain name in the field given.

  3. Add your domain name and then click on the Set custom domain button at the bottom of the screen.


  • Please enter the domain name in the lowercase letters.

  • Add current sub-domain name as a CName and A record IP to your domain DNS records in your domain provider panel.

I want to buy a domain:

STEP 1: Results page.

  1. If you don't have a domain, you can own one by choosing this option.

  2. After choosing it, Click on the Search domain button that will appear, highlighted in green at the bottom. 

  3. Register domain page will open. Now enter your domain name and click on Go button next to the field.

  4. The results page will open with a list of available domain names under the following columns:

  • Serial number

  • Domain: It will have the options of domain names available. 

  • Status: It will show the availability status of the domain names.

  • Action: Under this, Book button will appear next to domain names. You can book a domain name from the list using this.

            5. Now, click on the Book button highlighted in Blue next to the domain name under the Action column, to choose your domain.

As you click on the Book button, you will be directed to the Step 2 of the registration process.


STEP 2: Domain registration

  1. As you reach this page, a list of fields will open.

  2. The domain field will be pre-populated with the domain name booked in the previous step.

  3. Now, fill in the rest of the fields with relevant information.

  4. Then, Click on the Register button at the bottom to register your domain name.

In case you don't have it this addon already Click here.