Marketing is an essential element in every business. It is the way through which we promote and reach our target audience to sell our products. With us, you can efficiently and conveniently do your promotions with the help of our Create new marketing campaigns feature. 

Here is how you can do that:

  1. Open the Bizmanager app on your Android device.

  2. From the bottom menu, click on the Settings button.

  3. The settings page will open with various columns. Slide down to the CRM column. 

  4. Now, Click on the Manage campaigns button. A list of already created campaigns will open.

  5. Click on the Plus button highlighted in green at the right bottom corner of the screen to start a new campaign.

  6. As you click on the plus button, Campaign detail page will open with a Select tags pop-up box which will have the list of existing tags of your customers.

Note: If you want to add customer contact details automatically based on the tags created for them, then choose the tags from the pop-up, otherwise just close it by clicking on the Tick button at the top right side of the pop-up box.

Now, add the details of the campaign by following the given steps:

  1. Give a Name to your campaign in the Campaign Name column.

  2. Add contact details of your customers now in the contact details column. Input the mobile numbers under the contacts column and Email id under the email id column in the form of a Comma separated list.

Note: You can also click on the Auto fill using tags button, highlighted in green on the top right side of the contact details column to automatically fill the contact details of the customers by choosing the tags already created for them.

  1. Now enter the message of your campaign. If the contact columns are pre-populated with both the contact number and email id (by using Auto-fill tags option mentioned in the above step) then the text has to be entered in both the SMS column and the email column with email subject and body.

If you want to send the details via mobile only then enter the contact numbers of the customers and then enter the message under the Sms column

if you want to send the details via email only then enter the email ids of the customer and then add email subject and the email body under their respective columns. 

  1. At last, Finish your campaign by choosing the following scheduling options:

- NOW: To start the campaign immediately

- LATER: To run it later in time

  1. Once you have set the campaign running schedule, click on the Add campaign button highlighted in green at the bottom of the page to save the campaign.

In this way, you can create marketing campaigns to promote your online store.