Our online store is easy to setup as it allows you to add as many products as you want based on the needs of your customers and the business. 

Steps to follow: 

  1. Login to your GetMeAShop Dashboard

  2. From the menu on the left hand side, Select  Inventory  → Products.

  3. Click on Add new product button highlighted in blue at the top of your product list.

    Add new product page will have the following fields :

    • Title It is the name of the product.

    • MRP - Original price of the product.

    • Discounted Price - Discounted price of the product.

    • Stock : Number of products available in stock.

    • Stock keeping Unit (SKU) : It is the unique identification code of the products. For eg - Mentshirt101.
    • Choose a category: The category in which the product falls. (Optional).

    • Short description - A one to two line description of your product, should contain a maximum of 500 characters.

    • DescriptionDetailed description of the product covering its features and other information you would want you customer to know.

    • Minimum order quantityIt refers to the minimum quantity of product that a customer can buy at a time.

    • Sort orderIt is used to position the product in a sequence in the product list based on various factors such as price, size etc. For eg - If the sort.
    • Active checkboxCheck this to make the product Live on your website. If this section is unchecked then the product will be added adn visible on the dashboard but will not be live on the website.

    • Bank transfer checkboxCheck this to enable Bank transfer for your product (This is not a payment gateway, customers can send payments directly to your bank account)

    • Featured checkboxCheck this to feature/showcase your product on the home page. Featured products are visible in a separate " Featured Products " section on the Home page of your website.

    • Cash on delivery checkboxCheck this to enable Cash on delivery for your product.

    • Add Product Page titlePage Name displayed at the tab of the browser. This title can also be used for the on-page SEO.

    • Shipping - Length, breadth, height, and weight of the product will be used while shipping of the product.

    • Variants - If your product comes in different sizes, colors or any other parameter then you should use this feature to create different variants of the same product.
      Click on "Add Product Variants"

      Add the variant name in the "Colour/Size/" field and click the tick icon, add its value in "Value" field and click the tick icon.
      For Eg - Colour ->Red, Blue, Green.

      Click on Add More to click another variant.

      Once you have added the above details of your product., Click on the Save button.

      If you still got a query please write to us at support@getmeashop.com