Our online store is easy to develop as it allows you to add as many products as you want based on the needs of the customers and the business. 

Steps to follow: 

  1. Login to your Get me a shop Dashboard

  2. From the left side of the menu, Select  Inventory  → Products.

  3. Click on Add new product button highlighted in blue at the top of your product list.

    Add new product page will have the following fields to be filled:

    • The Title of the product: It is the name of the product.

    • Short description of the product

    • Description- detailed description of the product and its features etc

    • Page title: Page Name displayed at the tab of the browser.

    • Original price of the product.

    • Discounted price of the product.

    • Stock keeping Unit: It is the unique identification code of the products.

    • Stock: Number of products available in stock

    • Minimum order quantity: it refers to the minimum quantity of product that a customer can buy at a time.

    • Sort order: It is the positioning of the product in the product list based on various factors such as price, size etc.

    • Choose a category: The category in which the product falls. (Optional)

    • Featured checkbox: Tick this to feature your product on the front page.

    • Cash on delivery checkbox: Tick this to enable Cash on delivery on your product.

    • Bank transfer checkbox: Tick this to enable Bank transfer on your product.

    • Active checkbox: Tick this to make the product Live on your website.

    • Length, breadth, height, and weight of the product while shipping.

  4.  Once you have added the above details of your product., Click on the Save button.