Meta tags present information about a page to web browsers and other digital agents. You can add specific meta tags to any of your websites page and optimize them for search engines.

After you have logged in to your GetMeAShop account, follow the steps given below to add custom meta tags

  • Move your cursor to the left side of the window and click on “SEO”.

  • Select the option of “Custom Meta Tags”. You will land on its page.

  • On the top right corner you will find the option of  “Add meta tag”. Click on it.

  • A pop window will appear. Fill in the relevant details.

    • Page where to add the tag - From the drop down menu select the pages where the tag will be added. 

    • As soon as you will select a page above. A drop down menu of the same name as that of the page will appear. Select the pages for meta tag addition. For eg if you selected categories in the above option then here you will select which category will have the specified meta tags.

    • Name - Give a specific name to the meta tag. What property of the page selected is it describing. It can be Keyword, description, author etc.

    • Content - Enter the content in the tag. For eg. if you are adding the property as keywords then specify the keywords or if you are giving description then write the description,

  • Hit the “save” button. In case, you don't have this feature, click here.