Required below basic Information 

  1. Company legal name.

  2. Marketing name of the company.

  3. Website URL on which PG is required. Site with privacy policy / T&C / refund & cancellation policy / Contact us should be there before going live.

  4. Company registered and correspondence address.

  5. Concern person name, number and email id.

  6. Need to confirm the entity type - Limited / Private Limited.

  7. Need to confirm the date of incorporation.

  8. Technical Person name, number & mail id. Required to share the test kit.

  9. HDFC Bank account number / HDFC bank Branch.

  10. Need to  confirm the server pages in which site is designed (ASP / JSP / PHP).

  11. Need to confirm the services / products will be offered through website.

  12. Need to confirm the target clientele.

  13. Need to share company GSTN and PAN of the company.


Documents required


  1. Board Resolution - on letter head of the company (Format attached).

  2. Application - format attached.

  3. Self attested ID docs of the signatories (PAN & Aadhaar Card).

  4. Self attested Company PAN Card.

  5. Self attested certificate of Incorporation.

  6. SOC - Sending through separate mail.

  7. Self attested GSTN number certificate.

  8. Aadhaar Annexure - sending through separate mail.

  9. List of Partners of letter head.

  10. Self attested Partnership Deed.

Audit -


  • After receiving the documents HDFC team share the test keys with the client & ask to share the transaction flow with the client to start the audit of the account.

  • As a part of Audit, HDFC ask for few verifications steps as well via email 

  • After completing the audit HDFC team release the LIve keys for the user & share the same with the user Via email.