Complete Process

  • Client can get themself registered with Amazon Pay by Clicking here.

  • After receiving the application from the client,Amazon Pay Share an agreement with client as part of the onboarding, the agreement needs to be signed and stamped on an INR 400 stamp paper or franked for INR 400. We’ll need it to be stamped and duly signed on all the pages of the merchant agreement and Annexure 1. Please share the scan copy of the processed agreement before shipping the hard copy of the same.

  • For the registration, amazon would require 2 email ids - these email ids should never have been used before while creating any Amazon account (We will use one of these email ids to create a new seller central panel for your business so please create fresh email IDs).

  • Once amazon pay receives the agreement then they generate the test key for the client to access the API details.

  • After verification client need to follow the below mentioned steps for accessing the API keys -

To get the your access/secret keys:
a.       Login to
b.      Click on INTEGRATION à Integration Central
c.       Once navigated, click on Get your keys link.
d.      Once navigated, click on Copy your keys button.
e.       Copy and use the displayed keys.

  • Update the bank account details - login to SellerCentral > Settings > Account info > Bank account Information and update the bank account details to which the disbursements will be going to.
  • Send me the redirect URL as we need to whitelisted that URL at our end.
  • Upload your company logo as this will appear on the PSP of Amazon when users transact using Amazon pay on your website. To upload Login to SellerCentral > Settings > Account info > Business and Tax details > Browse (Under Business Logo) > Submit.
  •  Download the Amazon pay logo from to add it on your website.
  • Send Amazon pay either the UAT link to test the integration or the PSP screenshot to verify the integration, Amazon logo etc
  • Notify Amazon pay once everything is done, they will make Production as active for the user.

KYC docs :

  • Company PAN Card

  • Authorized Signatory PAN Card

  • GST Certificate.